Legionella Control

We have a dedicated team of specialist technicians experienced in dealing with Legionella and pathogen control on a day to day basis all over Australia.

We support aged care facilities, hospitals, education, child care centres, the government and industry to carry out carefully designed Legionella Risk Management Plans, including disinfections, decontaminations and systems management.

Legionella Control

For the management and control of Legionella and other pathogens, we specialise in reticulated and stored water systems within reticulated cold, warm and hot water systems.

We concentrate on controlling the environment to limit Legionella and microbial growth for long term and sustainable control. We do not recommend mass sampling regimes on systems, but rather a measured proactive approach in dealing with the ecology of the environment. This involves a holistic approach to system engineering and operations. Together with ongoing programmed and recorded flushing regimes, we recommend taking representative samples from low usage areas on a six-monthly basis to validate that legionella control methods are working correctly.

We recommend that a full site survey and Water Safety & Risk Management plan be undertaken to determine the risks associated with Legionella and other public health risks, and our people are available to assist with this process.

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