Employees & Careers

At Hindmarsh Plumbing, our employees and apprentices our greatest asset.

We value our people and engage them in meaningful work in line with career ambitions and provide a safe, enjoyable, rewarding and team-orientated working environment.

Build your career with Adelaide’s most prestigious plumbing and construction company.

Our commitment to delivering the highest possible services to clients, as well as combating the prominent skills shortage, is demonstrated by our ability to continually provide internal and external training opportunities across the organisation with a specific focus on apprentice training.


Why work for Hindmarsh Plumbing?

How we stand out


Indigenous Employment

I started here as an apprentice with Hindmarsh Plumbing. I was exposed to bigger projects, bigger plumbing and more complex problems than the average plumbing apprentice.

Rhett Hardie, Design Manager

Human Resources

At Hindmarsh Plumbing, our differentiating factor is our people – they work hard because they feel valued. We apply best practice HR principles to the way we recruit, engage, develop and grow our amazing team members.

Our staff regard us as an Employer of Choice because of the way we communicate, reward, and give them the support, tools and training to do their job.

We have a strong human resources strategy that is underpinned by our core values of:




Technical thinking

Industrial relations

Workforce participation

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Build your career with Adelaide’s most prestigious plumbing and construction company, Hindmarsh Plumbing.