Hindmarsh Plumbing is structured around four main teams delivering quality services to diverse industry groups.


Our Construction Team specialises in hydraulic and mechanical services and we have been involved in completing some of the most prominent construction projects in SA.


Our Service Team provides service and maintenance excellence to a diverse range of industries across South Australia.

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Our Design Team are experienced and dedicated to providing design and coordination services on projects.

   Water Treatment

Our Water Treatment Team are leaders in the field for the design, installation, treatment and maintenance of water systems including the control of legionella.

Welcome to Hindmarsh Plumbing

We are a proud South Australian owned and operated business, established in 1973.
We provide design, installation, commissioning and servicing of all aspects of plumbing, gas fitting and allied services in the commercial and industrial markets.

Our experience

We have over 40 years of delivering contract and service excellence. Our experience is spread over a range of market segments including defence, retail, education, retirement, hospitality, sporting venues, industrial and mechanical, offices and commercial, health and residential.

Our commitment to project delivery

Our commitment to project delivery is evident in all the work undertaken by our dedicated team. Consistent and uncompromised safety, environmental and quality systems allow us to deliver the highest standard of plumbing services.

Our innovative techniques, unequaled expert knowledge and flexible approach, allow us to ensure that our commitment to delivery is upheld on all projects.

Featured Projects

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the most significant commercial and industrial projects. Here is some of our current work.