Hindmarsh Plumbing Service Team

The Hindmarsh Plumbing Service Team is proud of its track record of providing service and maintenance excellence to a diverse range of industries across South Australia. We continue to set the standard of commercial and industrial plumbing service and strive to provide innovative and cost effective plumbing solutions to our growing client base.

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Our Capabilities

Our commitment to serve our clients’ needs is unequalled in this market. We look forward to the opportunity to expand our client base and we encourage potential new customers to talk to any of our current clients for a recommendation of our high standards and service delivery.

The Service Team boasts a team of over 35 qualified, well trained and experienced plumbers, and a team of support staff to receive and dispatch work efficiently and effectively.

We continually provide training and up-skilling opportunities to ensure our employees are abreast of current trends, innovations and safe work practices, including Legionella control in warm water systems, hydrojetting, backflow testing, safe working at heights, confined space entry, thermostatic mixing valve servicing, traffic management and restricted electrical to name a few. For peace of mind, all our Plumbers have a current Federal Police clearance.

In addition to our safe and well maintained plant, equipment and tools, we have a fleet of commercial vehicles equipped to undertake service and maintenance work to a high quality and safe standard.

We employ the latest technological resources to provide the best service possible, and facilitate customer feedback to ensure we continually meet and exceed the expectations of our valued clients. For more information regarding Hindmarsh Plumbing’s services contact us.

Preventative Maintenance

We believe that Preventative Maintenance is the key to preserving your assets including equipment, fixtures and pipework. Our objective is to minimise disruptions to your business operations and maximise the working life of the asset.

Our Preventative Maintenance capabilities include:

  • Undertaking site inspections on the condition of assets
  • Preparation of scheduled maintenance proposals
  • Providing reports on the condition of facilities and making recommendations for improvements

Water Saving & Sustainability

Our trained Plumbers in ‘Sustainable (Eco) Plumbing Initiatives’, are able to audit and put in place structures and devices to save and reduce water usage for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial applications.

Whilst working with clients to identify possible Government grants or rebates, we can conduct hot and cold water audits of buildings to enable us to advise on options to reduce water consumption via the installation of water saving devices such as timer taps, flow restrictors etc and/or by installing rainwater tanks into your home or business.

Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflow Prevention Devices are installed where required by Water Authorities to prevent contaminated water flowing back into the water supply. They may be required to be installed in commercial or industrial sites including aged care facilities, laboratories, petrol stations, wash down bays and plant rooms etc.

By Regulation these devices must be tested annually by a licensed tester, with the test results being forwarded to the Office of Technical Regulator (OTR) and also maintained on our backflow management system for future testing and reference.

The Backflow Shop

The Backflow Shop, owned and operated by Hindmarsh Plumbing, supplies and stocks all backflow valves, parts, accessories and associated fittings through our retail outlet.

Advice, installation and testing of Backflow Prevention Devices is our specialty: our licensed and trained staff are experts in the backflow prevention area and are able to assist with the sales and after sales service to our clients.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

We are trained and qualified to carry out the installation, testing and reporting of thermostatic mixing valves and tempering valves designed to control hot water temperatures to reduce the risk of scalding in hospitals, aged care and child care facilities, commercial office buildings and industrial sites.

Annual testing and servicing of thermostatic mixing and tempering valves must be undertaken to ensure the valves are operating correctly and recorded in a register in accordance with AS 4032.3.

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Core Services - We provide installation, modification, maintenance and servicing facets of hydraulic services, including:

Water Services
  • Installation, modification and maintenance of all pipe work and associated fittings supplying drinkable and non-drinkable water.
  • Investigate, locate and repair or replace water bursts and water services
  • Installation of filtered and treated water.
Hot Water Services
  • Supply, install and maintain gas, high demand or electric hot water services, ancillary equipment and boiling and chilled water units
  • Design and installation of commercial hot water systems.
Sanitary ware & Tap ware
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of all sanitary ware and tap ware, electronically controlled tap ware and flushing devices, including flushometers.
  • Maintenance includes clearing blocked fixtures, fixing leaking cisterns, flushometers and tap ware.
Storm water Drainage Systems
  • Installation, modification and maintenance of Storm water systems
  • Locate, clear and repair blocked or damaged drains.
Roof Repairs
  • Locate and repair roof leaks, including gutters, down pipes, flashings as well as rain-heads and partial roof replacements.
Fire Hydrant & Hose Reel Systems
  • Installation, modification and maintenance of all pipework and associated fittings connected to fire hydrant and hose reel systems.
Regular Client - All Hours Plumbing Works
  • For our regular clients Hindmarsh Plumbing offers 24-hour service, Supervisors take calls directly from you and distribute to the on-call plumbers.
Sewer Systems
  • Installation, modification and maintenance of sewer drainage systems
  • Locate, clear and repair blocked or damaged drains.
Sub Contractors
  • We currently engage and have relationships with sub contractors covering remote South Australia including Broken Hill and Mildura, we also manage and distribute within the Northern Territory.
Gas Services
  • Installation, modification and maintenance of all pipe work and associated fittings used in the supply of gas to a wide range of gas appliances.
Underground Pipe & Services Location
  • Detect and locate underground services
  • Site surveys and reporting.
Leak Detection and Pipe Freezing
  • Identification and location of leaks from services
  • Ability to freeze pipework for repairs.
Install, Commission, Service & Test
  • Filters and softeners
  • Plate separators, associate drainage and pumping systems
  • Emergency safety showers and eye/face washers.
Trade Waste Systems
  • Design, installation, modification and maintenance in consultation with SA Water and the client to ensure environmentally friendly solutions for waste disposal are employed
  • These systems include grease arrestors, neutralizing pits, settlement tanks, PH dosing and automatic sewer/storm water diversion systems.
Associated Works
  • Repair and maintain compressed air and medical gas pipelines, pumps and rising mains.