BPOINT Terms & Conditions

BPOINT Terms & Conditions

Definitions and Interpretation

‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refers to Hindmarsh Plumbing Services Pty Ltd;
‘you and ‘your’ means the legal entity or entities using this site, whether or not such entity is our customer or not;
‘This site’ means the website at hindmarshplumbing.com.au and any link access to the BPOINT Receivables Solution (BPOINT) online payment system by which you pay our invoices.


The following sets out the terms and conditions which govern your use of this site and BPOINT to pay our invoices. Your use of and/or access to this site constitutes your express agreement to these terms and conditions. In using this site, you also agree to comply with any related terms and conditions imposed by your bank or financial institution, our bank or financial institution, and/or BPOINT, and to pay any and all associated fees and amounts in relation to the transactions you authorise via this site.

Prices and Payments

All prices are in AUD. We accept payment using this BPOINT facility by VISA, Mastercard and American Express Cards only.
The maximum amount payable through this site is $10,000.00


A surcharge of 1.5% shall be applied to all VISA, Mastercard and American Express payments made through this BPOINT facility which are over $5,000.00 only.

Representations & Warranties

BPOINT is a third party service sponsored and operated by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA). While we will endeavour to provide unrestricted access to BPOINT via our site, we cannot guarantee your access will be uninterrupted or error free.
We will not be liable to you or third parties for any interruptions to the service, for any malicious malware/viruses, or any errors made by you including, but not limited to, problems with telecommunication services, internet service providers and/or hardware or software malfunctions.

Payment References & Errors

While BPOINT provides a payment reference number acknowledging your payment, your financial institution may still decline the transaction. The provision of a payment reference number does not mean that payment of your liability has been finalised.
If a payment is declined, it is your responsibility to contact your bank or financial institution.
We will not be responsible for any payment declined by your bank or financial institution and reserve all rights with respect to your ongoing liability for monies owed, until such payments have been received and confirmed by us.
Payments made before 5.30pm ACDT will be processed on the same day. Payments made after 5.30pm ACDT will be processed the following day, as per CBA banking practices.
You are responsible for correctly entering all requested payment information when paying your invoice. If the information you provide is incorrect, it may result in your bill remaining unpaid and additional fees and charges to you.
We accept no liability for any fees or charges incurred by you from BPOINT, your financial institution or any third party, in respect of errors made by you in entering your payment information. We reserve the right to pass on to you any fees incurred by us as a result of any error or mistake made by you when facilitating payment of your invoice/s.
Where you believe a payment error has occurred, it is your responsibility to notify us as soon as possible. Please refer to our Refund Policy to resolve this issue.

Privacy & Security

Hindmarsh Plumbing is very concerned about your privacy and cyber security.
These terms and conditions are to be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy and you and we expressly agree to adhere to our Privacy Policy at all times.
Cyber security for your payments is managed by BPOINT, which provides security for you, our customer. Your credit card and transaction details are provided directly to our bank, CBA, and are not independently recorded by us. This minimises disclosure of your information and provides a layer of confidentiality to each transaction.
BPOINT uses industry standard Secure Socket Layer (256-bit) encryption technology to secure communication sessions with customers and merchants. Using firewalls in front of the payment gateway and within the system, it restricts access to information regarding the payment transactions.
BPOINT only allows customers with browsers supporting SSL-128-bit encryption or higher to access the payment facility. This facilitates secure transmission of transaction details. For your own security, it is your responsibility to ensure your browser is upgraded to its latest version. We take no responsibility for the encryption or security of your web browser.
You can verify your session is secure by locating the lock icon in the URL bar within your browser screen.
BPOINT fully complies with Visa’s AIS Programme and MasterCard’s Site Data Protection Programme. BPOINT complies with the following PCI standards:
Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect data;
Do not use vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords and other security parameters;
Protect stored data;
Encrypt transmission of cardholder data and sensitive information across public networks;
Use and regularly update anti-virus software;
Develop and maintain secure systems and applications;
Restrict access to data by business need-to-know;
Assign a unique ID to each person with computer access;
Restrict physical access to cardholder data;
Track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data;
Regularly test security systems and processes;
Maintain a policy that addresses information security.


We reserve the right to change or discontinue these terms and conditions or any feature at any time, including content and equipment required for access to the BPOINT system.
This document constitutes the whole agreement between you and us relating to your use of this site and BPOINT, and supersedes all prior representations, agreements, statements and understandings, whether verbal or in writing.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and interpreted according to the laws of the State of South Australia, Australia.

Compliments and Complaints

We will endeavour to promptly and satisfactorily deal with any disputes or complaints you may have. Compliments and Complaints may be directed to:
Client Experience Coordinator
Hindmarsh Plumbing Services
27 South Road
Hindmarsh, SA, 5007
Phone: 08 8403 8370
Email: feedback@hindmarshplumbing.com.au

Refund Policy

Hindmarsh Plumbing Services will provide a refund to a customer when required by the Australian Consumer Law.
Hindmarsh Plumbing Services will also provide a refund to a customer if there has been a mistake in payment of an invoice (e.g. an invoice is overpaid and you seek to have the balance refunded):
if you notice a mistake has been made in the processing of your payment, it is your responsibility to notify us in writing as soon as possible. We will then seek to rectify the issue within 14 days of receipt of such written notice;
in the event that your request for a refund is disputed, we shall provide you with written reasons as to why the refund will not be processed, and further provide any steps to be taken to resolve such dispute.
If a refund is required, we will process return funds to you in the same means as the purchase was made (e.g. credit card refund for a credit card purchase).


If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please contact us on 08 8403 8370 or email us at feedback@hindmarshplumbing.com.au.