Innovation & Technology

Our vision is to be the construction industry’s most-trusted partner when it comes to delivering safe and hygienic water and gas infrastructure solutions.

Hindmarsh Plumbing is invested in innovation and state of the art technology that delivers the best results to our clients and their projects.

McElroy TracStar500

The McElroy TracStar 500 sets the benchmark for electrofusion welding, enabling Hindmarsh Plumbing to provide clients with safer and faster ways to deliver PE pipelines ready for installation anywhere, anytime.

Investing in our clients

Our investment in industry-leading equipment, such as the McElroy TracStar 500, is testament to our commitment to continually improve services to the benefit of our clients.

While the traditional method for welding large bore polyethylene pipe has been to use a conventional static butt-welding machine, we have identified a more efficient and flexible alternative. By using this new technology, our goal is to accelerate construction with a focus on commercial viability and safety, without compromising the underlying quality of the installation. While the former process continues to deliver quality welds, using this new plant will improve project delivery outcomes and increase value to our clients.

Core benefits and efficiencies:

  • Faster welding and cooling times, saving almost half the time of the conventional butt-welding method
    Improved quality assurance.
  • Track-mounted vehicle providing manoeuvrability and flexibility on-site, without the need for external lift equipment.
  • Electronic data logging of welds, eliminating paper forms associated with each weld.
  • Labour efficiency with only one operator is required compared to the two needed for the conventional butt-welding method.
  • Powered by a high-efficiency, self-contained diesel generator, eliminating the need for an external truck-mounted generator and reducing the site footprint and emissions.

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